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Starehe Girls' Centre

The Mekatilili Program and Artisan Hive partnered with General Electric (GE) Africa to run a one-day, human-centered design workshop at Starehe Girls' Centre.

Using the design process, students worked in teams to brainstorm, prototype and refine ideas based on challenges experienced in their high school.
Have a look at some of the their innovative ideas!

Team Sky Scrappers

Challenge: How might we prevent soil erosion and increasing moisture retention for plants.

Solution: Re-engineer the traditional eureka can.


Challenge: How might we promote student utilization of the games field?


Solution: Devising a system that is powered by windmills to attract students to the field.

Team Mech - X4

Challenge: How might we develop a hot water system?

Solution: Use of boilers that utilize solar energy to heat water from the dam. Alternatively, the dam water could be used for irrigation.

Team Everest

Challenge: How might we ease cleaning of concrete slabs?

Solution: Create a machine with 2 tubes: one for producing soap and the other to dispense clean water. The device has an automated brush system and is powered using solar energy.

Team Rockers

Challenge: How might we supply water to the dormitories?

Solution: Siphoning water from the dam through pipes and into the dorms.

Team Flora

Challenge: How might we keep the flowers well watered?

Solution: Use of an underground piping system that pumps water from the dam to the garden.

Team Queens of Art

Challenge: How might we supply water to specific dormitories?

Solution: Use of an electric driven force pump. Solar panels would be used as a source of energy for pump.

Team Maldives Genius Group

Challenge: How might we curb the monkey invasion menace?

Solution: Construction of monkey cages that include provisions for fruits and water.

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